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What's in a Paint?

SO many paint companies and SO many paint colors. How do you choose one? Paint, like anything else out there, varies GREATLY from company to company. There's paint finish and there's quality of paint, which shows itself in ease of application and nuance of color. There's wall paint, trim paint, enamel, latex, oil based, and the list goes on and on. When I have a project, I need a paint company that can supply all the pieces I need for that project. I really need to know that the kitchen cupboard paint will last, and that the wall paint will look astoundingly beautiful when done. Yep, astoundingly beautiful. I need to know there's someone on staff who can answer the question about the best product for a specific application (what should I use on those bathroom walls?).

Many paint companies can meet those criteria, but today I'll talk about one - Sherwin Williams. They're my "go-to" paint company, and although I've strayed to other companies over the years, I keep going back to Sherwin Williams.

Sherwin Williams makes some of my favorite paints, and I believe that paying a little more is paid back by the ease of application and the beauty of the finished product (and they do have sales). I even keep my Sherwin Williams paint for re-touch and can honestly tell you I've touched up a wall years later and cannot tell once it's dry. Now that is amazing (I do keep the paint inside so it doesn't freeze during cold months). The color choices are vast, and the types of paint and paint finishes within their assortment usually meets and/or exceeds my expectations. Day-to-day they can meet the demands of any products or colors you need.

Most recently, they added a Designer Color Collection, and the colors can only be made in their Emerald Designer Edition paint. I've been using Emerald trim paint for the past couple of years, but haven't yet tried this new line, and have not yet used it for walls. The colors are BEAUTIFUL, and I believe they'll have some great nuance and undertones. I've fallen in love with their "Rustic and Refined" color collection. A gallon of wall paint is quite expensive, but one of my colleagues has just used it and told me it's absolutely great.

Sherwin Williams Rustic & Refined Cover Picture

I'm going to paint using Eventide, I'll keep you posted on the results! Use the link below to take a look at the color choices.

Sherwin Williams Eventide

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