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Choosing a Paint Color that You LOVE!

You've walked through your living room multiple times, and you know it needs to be repainted OR you've just bought a new home and you want different colors on the walls.

How do you choose something that will work for you?

Choosing color is remarkably personal. Start by looking at where you live now. What do you love? Now add to your knowledge. Review online posts as well as magazines with pictures of rooms. Look closer at your favorite home show and identify wall colors you like in the completed rooms. If timing is right, visit open houses and/or designer showcase homes. Go to paint stores, look at their paint displays. Bring home paint chips that appeal to you, or even get the fan deck of the colors they provide.

Start saving the pictures that you like. Keep a folder on your computer and a file in your work area. You will see a trend. You might see that you've chosen a distinct style such as farmhouse or mid-century modern, which come with their own color palettes. You may not choose a specific style. Perhaps you LOVE the navy bedroom you saw, as well as the yellow kitchen. Maybe the guest bath with the jungle wallpaper appealed to you.

This is a learning process, so as you find a color or a group of colors that appeals to you, you can then start searching online for more rooms that use those colors. If you think that gray you fell in love with at the paint store would work for your kitchen, do an online search for that gray in a kitchen. Once you find it, you may find you don't like it. . Remember, you're working on finding the color that works for you.

Good luck! If you need help with this, let us know, and we'll work with you on choosing colors. As one of my partners says; "there's no bad color, just bad color placement"

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